Topic: RadRails - Issues with SVN checkout and project imports

I have recently upgraded to RadRails v0.7.1 and am having a couple of issues, curious if anyone else is and to find it if these are bugs or there are workarounds.  The problems I am having are:

1.  Any time I try to checkout a project from a properly configured location in RadRails (the SVN  co at the commandline works fine) it appears to download much of the project, but then I get the error it could not complete as "svn Failed to add directory 'test': object of the same name already exists".  Thing is, no directory with that project name existed on the file system before.

2.  If I do an svn co at commandline and then try to import the Rails project, there is no longer an option on the imports (that I may easily find) to import a Rails project and get all the nice automagic stuff upon import.

Any ideas on this?  Should I just fall back to v0.7.0 and wait for the next release?

Re: RadRails - Issues with SVN checkout and project imports

I did go ahead and downgrade back to v0.7.0 and I was able to checkout without a problem...