Topic: Problem to display image in IE7

I have a div that is displayed when clicking on a button. Before that it's hidden:

<div id="showcontent" style="display: none;" onclick="'none'"></div>

The action used when clicking the button is:

def show_content
    @content = Coattribute.find(params[:id])
    render :update do |page| 'showcontent'
        if @content.content_type == "image/jpeg"
          page.replace_html 'showcontent', "<img alt='' src='../images/coattributes/#{@content.file_name}'"
          page.replace_html 'showcontent', @content.description

It works in FF but the image will not show up in IE7. Any ideas why?

Re: Problem to display image in IE7

Never mind. I solved it. I forgot /> in the img-tag. smile