Topic: plugin/discover "acts_as_taggable" installation / version problems


I tried to install the acts_as_taggable-plugin but I only got a "Plug not found" message. My computer is online and I had no problems with installing plugins so far. After some research I stumbled over "script/plugin discover" options which finally got a version from... … _taggable/

My problem is, that this seems to work different from most documentation in that "tag_with" is here called "tag_list=". There are probably more difference.

I now have some questions:

1. How can I uncover the urls? I added any to the search list, which now appears to have been not a good idea. The search takes too long. I cannot find, where this list is stored.

2. This is a full url for the acts_as_taggable plug. I saw the all plugins from technoweenie are provided with a full svn-url.

3. Is there a way to discover a version (like an svn revision or so). I guess this would be really important for tracking the usage of plugins, but I found no version stuff in plugins what so ever.

Thanks your help.

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Re: plugin/discover "acts_as_taggable" installation / version problems

Just found out, that I stumbled over the version, which was reported here: … luginHowto

So any idea, where I can get the original version?