Topic: rSpec or Not to rSpec

I've been looking over BDD (behavior driven development) in the form of rSpec for a short while, while at the same time using zentest and autotest form TDD. Then, of course, there's Jamis' great post about integration testing that seems to fall someplace in the middle (or maybe it's to the side or above or below...).

TDD is what I'm relying on and autotest really rocks, but I find the BDD form of spec'ing behavior more intuitive and more fun to write. Has anyone used BDD for a project?


Re: rSpec or Not to rSpec

I haven't tried BDD too much; it does look very promising.  However I also find that judicious use of custom assertions can almost turn traditional unit tests into something very close to a more spec based interaction.  If I wasn't already learning Ruby and Rails, I'd probably spend more time with rSpec.  But for now, the safety net provided by my knowledge of TDD is making the learning experience pleasant.

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