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I installed Redcloth and I would like to change how it spacing things.  Right now it puts paragraph tags around everything and then when the user hits enter, it inserts a line break like this:

line one <br />
line two <br />
line three <br />

With it like this, no matter how many times the user hits enter, it will only insert one <br /> so everything ends up looking single spaced on the page and you can't tell where one paragraph starts and another one ends. 

I would like it to not wrap everything in paragraph tags initially, but use them every time a user hits enter like this:

<p>line one</p>
<p>line two</p>
<p>line three</p>

Does anyone know of a solution for this?

Re: Redcloth Spacing

Try SuperRedCloth if you can get it installed. I don't know if it does it exactly the way you want, but it handles the formatting much better.

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Re: Redcloth Spacing

Wow that looks really hard to install.  I had a lot of trouble even getting redcloth going online.  Thanks for the response, but does anyone know of anything else?