Topic: Getting started with RadRails..

So I might be doing some rails work in a Windows environment now and I'm trying to get a development environment setup. 

I installed Ruby via the one-click installers, install Rails and ZenTest via gems.

I downloaded RadRails and it seems to work in general; however the rake test tab in the bottom panel seems to not work.  I tried adding the path to rake in the preferences (c:\ruby\bin\rake.bat -- default location given that the one-click installer was installed into c:\ruby ) and it still breaks with a message like:

-e:3:in `load': c:\ruby\bin\rake.bat:1: parse error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting $ (SyntaxError)
    from -e:3

(Not sure why RadRails is cutting off the trace like that either....

There was no non-.bat executable in the bin directory, should there be?

THere's no task names in the drop down box in the rake tab, should there be?


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Re: Getting started with RadRails..

When pointing to the rake file in the preferences section, you have to point it to the rake file and not the rake.bat file (the rake file has no file extension).  I was trying to find a link to the place on the radrails site where I read this but I can't seem to find it now.

Update: found it here: … -configure

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