Topic: Using helpers to alter .rjs file??

Hi There,

I'm trying to create some custom helpers for some UI ajax designs.  I have some slider code typed out manually, but would like to figure out how to put (variables) in the rjs so I can pass it params from a helper.

Is this possible?

Let's say I have this?

      minValue: 1,
      maxValue: 5,
      steps: 5,
      slide:  function(e,ui){$('#meter').css("background", "url(../../images/happymeter/b"+(ui.value)+".gif)")},
      change: function(e,ui){$('#meter_rating').val(ui.value)}

I'd like to replace minValue, maxValue etc with some variables that I can then call from a helper.

Something like:

def slider(min,max)..

Hope I made sense.