Topic: Debugging Tests

I'm using vanilla Rails testing. Is there a way to do any of the following?

* Write special messages to the test.log file? I'd like for the log to contain the name of the test method before it goes into the GET parameters and any SQL.

* Run a specific test method? Something like "ruby test/functional/dummy_controller_test.rb test_show"? If I have one method giving me trouble, I'd like to run just that method, and not waste time or log space on the other methods.

* See all the details when a test fails? For example, I'm testing test_create and expect a redirect to show when the item has been created. However, the test fails for some reason and the new_template is re-rendered. I take that to mean that the create failed, but I can't see why it failed. Stuff like flash messages would be helpful to see.

Thanks for the input.

Re: Debugging Tests

OK, I figured out how to run a specific test method from reading the Pickaxe book:

ruby test/functional/dummy_controller_test.rb --name test_show