Topic: Advice for first deployment...

I'm ready to deploy an application... Its still in a test phase, but I need to get it setup somewhere where I can test how various PDAs deal with the interface. 

I don't need anything very stable, or fast (fast enough to saturate a wifi connection would be good though...).

My normal hosting provider isn't very up on Rails....  They are able to install anything I ask for, though.  My beta test server with them is currently primarily a PHP+Apache application.  I'd like to leave that as un-impacted as possible.  Running the rails stuff through Apache would be nice, but if you think Lighttpd on some non-standard port would be less intrusive, I'm sure I can make that work too.  I suspect I'll need to do some DB tweaking to get everything configured enough for it to work.

I'm tempted to buy some el cheapo hosting service at some more experienced Rails provider, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Can anyone offer any advice?

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Re: Advice for first deployment...

If you have SSH access, just have them install the things you need to run your rails app and SSH to your space and just fire up webrick if they will allow it. then go to remember webrick is just a server too.

Though if this is just a temp thing so you can test your interface, What I normally do is generate static html files and host them then I can tweak for IE and other things like cell phones without playing around with my app then just work in the changes in when I feel comfortable with them.