Topic: RBehave - Inclusion into Rspec

It seems like this will included in the latest version of Rspec -- for those who like BDD.

--Unfortunately, I don't really see what this accomplishes that Rspec can't? I assume there is a difference, so can someone shed some light on this? Thanks!

Re: RBehave - Inclusion into Rspec

How can you not see what this accomplished that RSpec can't? Does RSpec have support for story syntax? Not really, nothing like rbehave anyway. This allows you to integrate a story, and then rspecs speccing structure directly into that story. It's pretty cool, I think I may have to play around with it. smile - Personal Web-Technology-Blog, Los Angeles.

Re: RBehave - Inclusion into Rspec

Well I understand that the syntax sounds more like a story but in the example given on the website, I figure I could rewrite them as specs. The difference would be in writing additional scenarios, which rbehave simplifies a lot.