Topic: Input Form w/ background graphic/banner

I am seeking to develop a banner for advertising that has a background graphic that is about 450 x 60.  I would like to then put three input form elements over this graphic that allows the user to choose a city (one form field), state (second form field), and zipcode (third form field).

I hadn't really thought it would be that difficult, but it seems that you have to know quite a bit of CSS and absolute positioning and floating???????   Can anyone point me in the right direction for a couple of tutorials or with some advice if you have done something like this.


Re: Input Form w/ background graphic/banner

Well you posted this in the flash/graphic design section, so I'm going to recommend Flash on this one.

Open Flash, create a new document, 450x60, pop in your background, and pop in your form fields.  NAME THEM.  Make sure you name them according to what they'll be going to; I'd guess a rails controller.  Example: http://mysite.fom/controller/

So let's say you're asking a user to sign up for a new service, and entering their first name, city, and state.

Name the name:  user[name]
Name the city: user[city]
Name the dropdown populated with states:  user[state]

Set the form to submit to via POST smile  Done!