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I'm developing chat functionality for a website using RoR and javascript and have run into a "CPU Quota Exceeded" error with my host ( 

Basically I have a javascript firing every 2 seconds which asks the server for any new messages.  This works fine for about 30 seconds, then I receieve the "CPU Quota Exceeded" error. 

I had a very similar chat program working with another host ( that ran using php and javascript and it ran with multiple users without a hitch.  I made the switch from icdsoft to bluehost a while back because of icdsoft's horrendous RoR rendering times (and lack of ssh access).

I know ruby is a tad slower than php, but that doesn't seem like it should be slow enough for bluehost to be giving me the "CPU Quota Exceeded" error. Any suggestions?

Re: Ruby Chat CPU problems

To do something like this you really need to install juggernaut or something that allows a "push". You're bascially having each user calling the resource every 2seconds and if you have more than a few people viewing your site, it'll die quick.

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Re: Ruby Chat CPU problems

What is the most recent version of juggernaut and is there a way to get it without using Subversion?

Re: Ruby Chat CPU problems

there is no way to get the most recent version of juggernaut without subversion.

You really should install subversion, even if you don't plan on using it for version control yourself, there are a TON of things that use subversion that you are going to miss out on without it.

Are you on a mac?  Its really simple to get it installed...