Topic: Ajax Problem In windows

      I have an auto complete text field(Contractor Name). when I select a entry from the auto complete text field it will auto populate the other entry related to contractor(like address,city,state,country,postal code etc).I have to save and render the same form agian with the saved entries(like address,city,state,country,postal code etc).
                But my problem is that when I going to save form in windows(IE6,IE7,firefox2.0)all the populated entries will be disappeared and its ok with linux(firebox 2.0). Can any body tell me why problem arise in windows.

<%= auto_complete_field :contractor_name,
                          :url => { :action=>'autocomplete_observer_data_name' },
                          :tokens => ',' %>
  <%= end_form_tag %>     

  <%= observe_form :search_form, :frequency => 0.5,
                        :update => 'contractor_info',
                        :url => { :action => 'search_contractor',:id=>params[:id]} %>

Thanks in Advance.

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