Topic: Under the Hood

Curious how you guys are rolling these days.

Let me kick this off.

Hardware: Powerbook G4 | 1.67gHz | 100GB HD | 2GB RAM
Development OS: Mac OS 10.4.10
Development Server: Mongrel 1.0.1
Production OS: Ubuntu 6.0.6
Production Server: Apache 2.0.2 (trying out nginx now)
Production Host: Slicehost | Dreamhost
Ruby Version: 1.8.6
Rails Version: 1.2.5 (2.0 trunk on new projects)
Database: MySQL 5.0.20
Testing Suite: Rspec | Autotest | Mocha
HTML Rendering: Haml
Editor (or IDE): TextMate

I made a pastie for you to copy and preserve the bb formatting:

Re: Under the Hood

Hw: Pc assembled by me with intel core 2 duo 2,4 ghz 1066mhz FSB, 4gb ram, nvidia geforce 8800 640mb ram ddr3
Os: Ubuntu 7.10 for development and production
Ide: netbeans beta 2

Latest version of rails and ruby