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I'm looking for a Rails Programmer of any age to partner with for an upcoming project of mine called "stackd".  The reason I say of any age is because I myself am only 16 so I would be open to partnering with someone of just about any age as long as they are at least in their teens.

I'm looking for someone who is passionate about Rails and enjoys what they do.

If anyone thinks that they may be interested just reply here with you email address or AIM and I will give you more details.

(The reason I'm posting here instead of is because I'm not sure if railswork wants partnership requests or not.)

Re: Looking for a Partner (any age)

You should write some description about the app wink

Re: Looking for a Partner (any age)

For now I'd like to keep the idea secret, but I will tell you that it will be centered around internet search. tongue

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Eh, I'll have some spare time after November 6th and could use a project to keep myself busy outside of work. Drop an email to jonathan DOT bartels AT gmail DOT com .

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Steve - if you need to advertise for people, we would rather you used our partner site RailsWork at - it's all free at the moment.

I will leave this post here but I have closed it - if you would like further interest please post over at Rails Work.