Topic: Printing

I'm new to ruby on rails, and so far I think it is  great !

the only issuse so far is i can't find a good example of printing
a document. What I'm trying todo is place a button on a view form,
once the button is clicked, it will display in a pdf/html format and
then I can print to printer.

Tried looking at Ruport and pdf:writer and could not
find example that showed the complete steps as to
were everything goes.

Re: Printing

Is your goal to generate a PDF or have a button to click and print (like say Google Maps)? These are two seperate things. Once you generate a PDF the user can do whatever they want with it, print it, save it, or fax it to Hong Kong.

To generate a PDF search RailsForum. It comes up a lot.

To have a print button search for CSS and printing. Which will apply a CSS style to your page and reformat it to print instead of formatting it for viewing on a screen.

So is normal page load -> printable formatting -> PDF your ideal goal??