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Up to this point, i've been working all on my own, never needed too much fancy layout. so i've never been working with a designer.

recently one of my friends in china mainland wants me to take charge of remaking a dating site, and mainly focus on making it pretty.

yes, there are some designers in china, but if i went for local designers, it's going to just look like a "yet-another-site". i want something different, something new to the mainland users, so i m thinking of getting an "oversea" designer.

so guys, how do you find your designer? is your designer in the same city of yours? how does this "developer-designer" relationship work? and where do i find a designer?

I am pretty new to this stuff, any comment would be very helpful.

thanks very much.

Re: How do you find your designer?

Ask for a portfolio of sites the designer has done. This is really a good way to see how the designer works and what their style is like.

Make sure that you can email the site owner and confirm the designer really did create the site. Sometimes people will claim to have designed sites that they didn't really work on. Also ask the designer if they have changed his original design at all.

I did the coding for a site that needed to appear in English, German, French, Russian, and Chinese. You need to find a designer who can work with this because different languages look different on the screen and also affect color and font choices.

Re: How do you find your designer?

i usually look at - lots of talent from around the world and you can pick one whose portfolio you like and fits your budget and/or have designers bid on your project.

Re: How do you find your designer?

I have had the great fortune to have a great designer as a close friend and often business partner, so generally I just work with her.  But, whenever I have needed to find a new designer, I have found that holding a design contest is a good way to do it.  For about $200-1000 (depending on how much you want to spend, how much you need done, and what level of designers you want to attract) you get submissions of mockups from a number of designers.  From there, you can generally evaluate designers for a long-term relationship -- many people who use contests end up forming working relationships with the winners beyond the contest itself.

The best contest sites to use are probably: <-- better for logos that full site designs, and disclaimer, I own a stake in it

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