Topic: messy association assignment using model_auto_completer

In the new and edit forms of my controllers, for some of belongs_to association fields (in this case, setting the manufacturer of a product) I'm using the model_auto_completer plugin, so that the user can start typing in the name of the manufacturer, and matches will show up in a dropdown box.

I also want to be able to create a new manufacturer if the user types a name in that doesn't exist yet. Due to the way model_auto_completer works, setting the id in a seperate field, I have only been able to do this in the controller, like this:

def set_manufacturer

  if params[:manufacturer][:name].blank? # user hasn't typed anything for the manufacturer name
    @product.errors.add 'manufacturer', 'The product must have a manufacturer'
  elsif params[:product][:manufacturer_id].blank? # User has typed in a new manufacturer
    @product.manufacturer = Manufacturer.create(:name => params[:manufacturer][:name])

  else # User has typed in an existing manufacturer
    @product.manufacturer = Manufacturer.find(params[:product][:manufacturer_id])

Which i call before or update_attributes.

I think this should probably be in the model, in a before_save filter? But as the manufacturer id/name is coming from one of two fields (params[:manufacturer][:name] or params[:product][:manufacturer_id]), one of which isn't even on the product model, I'm not sure how the best way to do it would be...?

Thanks if anyone can help smile

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