Topic: gem/rake question

I've been up and running and developing an app with no issues.
I found an example in Rails Solutions: Rails Made Easy that I
want to fool around with. So, I created a directory and copied
all the files in.

When I try to run the server I get:

C:\rubydev\ch08_rails_solutions\railslist>ruby script/server
(in C:/rubydev/ch08_rails_solutions/railslist)

C:\rubydev\ch08_rails_solutions\railslist>ruby script/server
Cannot find gem for Rails =1.1.2:
    Install the missing gem with 'gem install -v=1.1.2 rails', or
    change environment.rb to define RAILS_GEM_VERSION with your desired version.

These are my versions:

C:\rubydev\ch08_rails_solutions\railslist>gem -v

C:\rubydev\ch08_rails_solutions\railslist>rails -v
Rails 1.2.1

All my other apps are working. If I install the missing gem as suggested
will I screw my other apps up?

Is there a better way to handle this?

thanks for any help,

Re: gem/rake question

At the top of your config/environment.rb file, you should see a line that says:


Try changing it from 1.1.2 to 1.2.1