Topic: Help Integrating Ning social network on my app

Hi all,

I'm currently developing a website where I would like to integrate some Ning's features like the Videos uploading and playing functionality.

I've been doing a lot of research about how would be the best way of integrating Ning with the rest of the application, but still haven't found anything that is easy to use and prepared for this.

For the moment I'm using Atom-tools ( for accessing Ning REST API through Atom and am able to get the result without problems.
The difficult part for me right now is how to "use" that information on my page, because I can only access the information partially since I don't know exactly how the atom_tools build the structure from the obtained data.

Have anyone implemented something similar to this with Ning social network? It would be great if someone can guide me at least on where to look for better information.

Thanks in Advance for your help,

Re: Help Integrating Ning social network on my app

In case someone is interesting, the solution to this was to use NET::HTTP for communicating with Ning REST API and REXML for having the XML object to which extract the information. Here's a short example:

resp= Net::HTTP.get_response(url)

A good example for understanding how to use the REXML structure is shown here: … -on-rails/


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