Topic: SVN and external definitions


I'm using SVN for my project (Eclipse + Subversive plugin), but I'm using just really basic functionality (commit, update, sometimes revert smile). That's all I needed and all I know about SVN.

I'd decided to move to Rails 2.0 and created a new branch. I was using a plugin, which was updated to Rails 2.0 compatible version (but became incompatible with Rails 1.2.x), so I removed previous version and installed a new one using -x switch.

I get some strange error with Rails 2.0 (see here), so I decided to switch back to the version just before branching. But when I try to do it, I get the following error:

svn: ' … ate_select'
is not the same repository as

How can I solve this problem?

BTW. Is there anywhere good SVN tutorial or should I simply read SVN book?