Topic: netbeans jruby vs native ruby on rails


i try using modelsecurity ( and i could set it up and all files were
created. When i try to run the programm it comes to a crash. That only happens when i use jruby! When i use native ruby
on rails it does not happen.

SystemStackError in User#show

Showing D:/Programme/NetBeans 6.0
where line #2 raised:

stack level too deep

Extracted source (around line #2):

1: <% for column in @scaffold_class.content_columns %>
2: <p>
3: <b><%= column.human_name %>:</b>
4: <%= instance_variable_get("@#{@scaffold_singular_name}").send( %>
5: </p>

Does anyone know the problem or does even know how to fix it?  I like using netbeans but if you  can not use it like ror why somebody should use it.

Re: netbeans jruby vs native ruby on rails

Use the ruby interpreter instead. JRuby isn't 100% comparable to the shipped Ruby interpreter. - Personal Web-Technology-Blog, Los Angeles.