Topic: Is it feasible to create a "start menu" without too much knowledge?

I've been trying to learn javascript and ajax in some of my spare time, and I wanted to do something useful while I learn them.  So I would like to create a "start menu" for an application.  It's just a standard application with tabbed navigation, but I want to add a menu to the bottom-left that operates similar to a windows start menu.  I'm wondering if this is something I should try doing, or if it's too complex/difficult for someone with very little knowledge of javascript/ajax.  The only real experience I have with ajax is using the helpers in RoR to update items, highlight things, collapse, etc.  But my goal is to get a fully-functional start menu, that has links to various pages and the pages would probably still load in the main screen (not going to worry about bringing up little "mini-apps" yet like a normal desktop).  If anyone could give me an estimate of how difficult this would be using just the RoR helpers and very basic javascript, I'd appreciate their input.  Thanks!

Re: Is it feasible to create a "start menu" without too much knowledge?

You don't even need javascript. You can just use CSS.

It's just a matter of positioning things to make it pop up instead of down.