Topic: who is using RoR? (big name shops)

I have been asked to validate the use of RoR for a company. I love the promise of a framework but struggle to see why RoR is a better choice then a number of others, or better then just going a traditional route like Java, etc.

I see that Linkedin, and a few others seem to refference the use of RoR to some extent. Any info on ROR useage with known brands would be great!

Thank you

Re: who is using RoR? (big name shops)

Anything from  37 Signals (Basecamp etc)

It will largely depend on the type of application you're trying to build. I use and recommend Rails, but a client I have worked with is using Grails - Groovy and Java built with a Rails-tastic approach but running on the JVM.

Toby Hede
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