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I used rails to develop  a small application for proof of concept at my office. Now I find people asking me how can we get bunch of reports on Web from the application I wrote.

Any ideas/suggestions.


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What kind of reports do they want? Just build some pages/actions/views that give them the information they need.

edit: Or give them read-only access to the database and let them do their own number crunching with the data through Excel or something.

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I did give them few views but they (my users) want some canned PDF reports that they can print.

I like your suggestion but unfortunatley my users may not have necessary skill set nor would my company policy allow them to have read access of database.

I was wondering if rails have any integration with reporting tools?

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I managed to stumble across a tutorial on making PDFs yesterday while looking for something else. I haven't had a chance to check it out in depth yet, but here's the address: … neratePDFs