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I'm in need of a webhost supporting Rails within just a couple of days. I'm going to have my companies website running on it and later on some demo of Rails applications that we have built. So basically what I need is a host that can support three Rails applications, Subversion, SSH an average amount of network transfer and at the same time be stable (little downtime), good support and etc.

Now the budget for the host is currently only ~30$ a month since we are only going to have our website on it. Later when the demo applications are going to be released we are going to increase the budget and hopefully upgrade our server.

But which host should I use for Rails? Given that I want the following:
1) Subversion
2) SSH
3) > 100 GB trafik
4) > 50 GB space
5) > 256 RAM

I have been checking out eleven2 and they exceed my request a great deal, however Googling their name gave me some blog results with a lot of hate towards them. Are they good? Or which one do you recommend?


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I would strongly recommend SliceHost ( and their VPS service. According to their sign up page you can get your slice going straight away. (ie: no waiting times like previously, which is VERY good.)

Once you have your slice, YOU control what software/services you want on the slice. By following the very easy-to-follow  How-To installation guides on ( and on ( you'll get your stuff setup in a few hours (2-8 depending on how fast and accurately you can read the instructions and follow them ;-)  Misunderstandings and typos will slow you down sad  )

Their 256MB slice for USD$ 20 is a good start and it's easy to upgrade the slice if and when you need it later on.

They've got a great community and someone is always available to assist you when in trouble.

OK, the > 50GB storage space is something that they do NOT provide, but then you can perhaps get a USD$ 6 -10  Dreamhost account where you get 500GB storage and so on where you can store your assets.

Please Note!  There is a BIG difference between VPS and Shared hosting. With a VPS you have a GUARANTEED 256MB RAM, no-one else crashing your server and so on. But on a Shared host you have large numbers being 'sold' to you, but real life mileage is very different.

My advice therefore is:  Slicehost combined with LiteSpeed ( webserver (the foundations for this forum) and you'll be smiling.

With LiteSpeed setting up a new Rails site is dead easy and given everything is setup correctly takes only seconds to achieve, and depending on each site's requirements/traffic/etc you can most likely host more than 3 sites on that setup.

OK, hope that might assist you.

God Jul ;-)

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Bovn -

Take a look at Linode (  With your current budget, you can get yourself a virtual server that has 540MB RAM, 15GB disk space (22GB if you pay annually), and 300GB of bandwidth.

It's a cinch when the time comes to upgrade or even add a second Linode to your existing account.

There are (currently) over 100 customers in the irc channel (#linode on the oftc network) if you're looking for opinions and staff is in there most of the time as well.


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@kematzy: Thanks, many avid Rails developers suggested Slicehost for my needs and actually I decided to go with them for about a week ago. It took some time to get the server configured, but now it is up and running. Well be deploying my portfolio (made with Rails) shortly, that is when my domain supplier will change the A-records smile

@tasaro: Honestly I didn't read your suggestion before I went with Slicehost, but I will indeed keep it in mind. Seems like they have good offers, however the simple admin interface of Slicehost is actually something I prefer more than the one over at linode smile Because they haven't put so much time into the design (or any in fact) so you can't help but think that if they have the cojones to ignore that then they have to have great support & servers instead smile

Anywho, I recommend Slicehost to everyone that's interested, but haven't made the choice yet.

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