Topic: DRY acts_as_authenticated functional testing

I'm using the acts_as_authenticated plug-in for my app.  Now I need to get my functional tests to work properly.  I have not written functional tests before so I'm unsure how to utilize setup so that all of my tests can use the login.  My tests pass if I put login_as :user inside of each test, but that's clearly not DRY.  Can I add something to my test_helper.rb file or create a def set in each functional test?  Any direction for this would be greatly appreciated.


Re: DRY acts_as_authenticated functional testing

I've solved part of my problem and now have it fixed after doing some more reading.

Now I have this at the top of my functional test:

 def setup
      login_as :quentin

But in each of the tests, I find that I have to include this line before all of the tests.
assert login_as("quentin")

So I have 10 tests and repeat that line 10 times.  Is there a way to DRY that up?