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Hey everyone! This is my first post.  Anyway, on the screencast on the site, I was wondering how he just types in 'html' and it goes indented with the closed html tag after it--I know there is the control + < shortcut, which will create the same thing, but it looked like he just typed in 'html' and hit something--like a snippet.

Any of you know what he did? Is it custom?

Ive seen DHH do this exact same thing on his screencast about the 20 minute blog.


Re: Slick Textmate Snipppets in

I'm guessing it is something that was only in the older versions of TextMate. Perhaps that is how the control + < functioned back then. Either way, it's not too difficult to follow that with a return to do the same thing.

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Re: Slick Textmate Snipppets in