Topic: RadRails ODBC OS X

Before I get lashed for using MS Access I have no choice in the matter figured I would get that out on the table to start smile.  What I am trying to do is develop this application on OS X and am running into a few problems trying to connect to my Access DB through Radrails. 

I have installed ruby-odbc and ruby-dbi I also have a MS Access Driver for OSX which has been installed into iODBC on OS X 10.4.8.  From a command line I can make a query to the access database using iodbctest "dsn=my_dsn;uid=;pwd=", so it seems that ruby has no issues directly with the odbc connection.  So I guess the question is can this work with RadRails?  I feel like I am not using the correct settings for database.yml.  All I get when I try to connect is that I am unable to and to check the log file which is blank.  Any ideas or insight would be great, thanks in advance!