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Hey All,

I've just setup my amazon s3 account, I was wondering..

How can I let my users upload their files (thousands of them) and allow them to maintain the same filename, given that s3 doesn't support folders?

The obvious problem is a ton of files with their own names is firstly unorganised, and secondly the common names will quickly be taken up, like brochure.pdf.

I've been thinking of compromising with {account_id}-{asset_id}-{rand}-{filename}.{ext} as when users download the files, they'll want a recognisable name.

So for exmaple, as account number 2, uploading a new asset which happens to be given an id of 105, with a file called brochure.pdf it would become:

2-105-9382-brochure.pdf and would be accessible at … ochure.pdf

Just wondering if there is a better trick for doing this?


PS: The account_id is in there just for organisation, the rand is in there so if people replace a file with another of the same name, it doesn't get cached. Still id like to hear any other ways of doing this.

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You're over-engineering the problem. You would just have a folder structure and deal with the naming in your database.

id uuid folder_id human_name
#id is just the pk, uuid is what you upload it to s3 as, the folder_id is what folder its in, and the human_name is what your user wanted to call it

id name
#just a pk and a name that your user wants to give it

Use UUIDs instead of random numbers. You will NEVER have a file with the same name.

You can also (maybe have to) extend the files table to include file-type information so if your users upload a PDF they get it back as a PDF. Creation and modification times would be nice to have as well.

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Wouldn't that mean the file would still be downloaded as some random name, and not actually the name that the user wanted?

They download it directly from s3..

Re: Amazon S3 Filenames..

Ooh right. I missed that part. I did a bit of work like this at an internship and at my current position. Let me noodle it for a bit, I find database<->filesystem problems like this interesting for some sick reason.