Topic: Need a partner for running a website similar to deviantart

I am running konvulse . com , a website similar to devaintart. I am remodeling the website on ruby on rails and i need a ruby on rails expert as a partner to run this website.

Advantages: Profit sharing, and will be the best to keep in ones portfolio.This is  very popular among the artists.

A brief history of konvulse:

Konvulse was created with a vision, a new ideal for an art group. With the onslaught of so many new art groups popping up, it would be a challenge to make konvulse stand out from the pack. So it had to focus on something that was lacking in so many other groups, a strong community. Just like a music band, that thrives on it's fans, an art group thrives on it's artists, and the fans of those artists. Through better communication, among a gathering of incredibly talented artists, everyone benefits. Work is improved, and a larger following of fans is achieved for the artist. A constant goal that has always been present by the release members of konvulse is the pursuit of self improvement. Self improvement is much easier to obtain, when you have a strong community behind you, to provide quality input and criticism.

Future plans: Remodel it using ruby on rails adding a lot more features and to be a hard competitor to deviantart.

Interested people sent an email to dotcom360[at] with their portfolios.

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