Topic: Railsify & RailsWork Downtime

Railsify and RailsWork will both be down for about an hour today (between 1pm and 5pm GMT) while we perform some essential maintenance on the servers they are located on.

This site, RailsForum, will be unaffected by this.

Re: Railsify & RailsWork Downtime

Both sites were down for less than an hour and are both functioning as normal again.

Re: Railsify & RailsWork Downtime

I think we have a board problem.

No matter where I am when I select "New Post", it takes me to the RSS Feed signup page.

Only way I can comply is to  click on Post Reply....

Re: Railsify & RailsWork Downtime

Remember that the orange buttons are RSS links, the green buttons are Post action links... the green "New Thread" button the main page of each forum should still work as advertised. smile

I do concede, though, that the placement of those buttons is somewhat confusing.  We may need to hack up the template a bit to make that easier to read.

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