Topic: My latest project.

Check out my latest project. I built it for my mom because she wanted a site where she could offer web graphics for download and make a little passive income through adsense.

I used attachment_fu to handle image resizing and uploads to Amazon S3.  I eventually want to expand to allow user submissions. But before I do that I think I'm going to have to look into using merb to handle uploads.

It's running on a VPS form slicehost with Nginx, 3 mongrels, and MySQL.

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Re: My latest project.

Not bad. Not exactly my type of photography, but I'm going to bounce it to my mom and mother-in-law. They'll eat it up.

One suggestion. Swap the main column and the ad column. The first thing my eye jumps to as I read the page isn't the content but the ads. I know that making some cash off of ad hits is nice, but the primary function of the site is stock photography not ads. So placing the photos/text in the first column on the left gets my eyes to it faster.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The adds on the subcolumn are going to get pushed down past the middle of the page, because I'm going to be adding some more search functionality. That should take some of the focus off of the ads.

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that's alota ads...

Are you a rails developer? Looks pretty cool

"Iwana ga hana"

Re: My latest project.

Yeah I think I went a bit overboard with the ads on the left column I'm going to remove the top adsense rectangle and start with the image ad, might make it look less adfilled.

Ohh... and yes I'm a rails developer.

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