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Hi guys,

dont worry im only here to ask is anyone can recommend a good book for the latest rails 2.0.2, i have seen some on the internet and most of them are based on the old version of rails which is a bit of a pain, even more so as i tried a tutorial which didn't work properly only to realize that it was again meant for an older version of rails.

I tutorial based book would be great, i find i learn from them better.


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The only Rails 2.0 book I know is Rails Way. However even this book doesn't provide info about all 2.0 features and there'll be 2.1 release soon that introduces even more new ones.

I'd recommend getting this book and subscribe to this blog that describes changes in edge Rails. Remember that you don't need to use use all latest features in your app.

There are also some Rails 2.0 tutorials i.e. … -tutorial.

Hope this helps

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I second getting The Rails Way, one amazing book, and great as a reference.

If you have already checked them out, and - are both really great screencast resources.

ThinkRefresh - Free Rails Techniques Screencasts

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cheers guys ill check them out and tell you how i get on.