Topic: Rails store -- how to make a cart

Hi! I was wondering if you guys know of any good rails cart apps that I could use to make my own online store/donation centre for my non-profit? I've looked at shopify and it's cool but I need something where people can choose how much to give to each project. Is there anything in existance or development that I could use? If not how do you make a cart? thx in advance!


Re: Rails store -- how to make a cart

If you are interested in rolling your own cart (no pun intended) it would probably be in your best interest to pick up a copy of Agile Web Development with Rails. The "introduction" to rails is building your own e-store. It would be a good base for your project.

If you are looking for a packaged solution this might be of interest: Substruct, it appears to be a very good program.

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