Topic: how to use cookie in Rails

hi, all
I have set a web site, and I wanna to remember the user who login the site,and he/she needn't type the username/password every time visite the site.

So I should use cookie, but i have no experience on rails' cookie. As far as I konw, I shoud write the cookie when the user fist login successful, and when another day the user visite the web site again, first, the index controller should read the cookie from client's browse. and let the status change to login if the username/hashed passwd in cookie file is correctly..

Am i right?If any guy use the cookie for rails, thanks to share ur exp. to me.
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Re: how to use cookie in Rails

Cookies and logins are definitely not my forte so why not listen to people who know what they're talking about :-P … henticated

Those should help you a lot.  I'm personally a fan of acts_as_authenticated