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I want to be able to setup an admin background to manage different models of my applications.
Models => Blog, User, Artist, Album, etc.

Controllers => Blogs, Users, Artists, Albums, etc.

I have setup the front end of the app, I just sort of want an admin panel that is sort of like Wordpress'. Anyways to go out it? I don't want to setup a ton of CRUD methods in the admin that how I should do it?

Lake Denman.

Re: Admin Panel

ldenman wrote:

I don't want to setup a ton of CRUD methods in the admin that how I should do it?

If you already have public controllers then you can use those - no need to setup separate admin controllers unless you want the admin section drastically different from the public ones. You can set up CRUD operations in the public controllers, then it is just a matter of restricting access to them. This is largely dependent upon how you determine if the user is an admin.

You can also add conditions to your view to only show certain areas/links if the user is an admin.

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Re: Admin Panel

hmm...i'll try it out and see if i like it.
Thanks Ryan. You seem to be a huge help around here.

Re: Admin Panel

Inline administration is typically the best way to go these days too.  It's just cleaner all around.  Often the admin interface is left "last", and receives the least amount of attention -- both in maintenance and initial development.

Developing two sets of controllers etc. is also a way to just introduce two sets of bugs.

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Re: Admin Panel

i have yet to get around to adding my interface.
my Java class is taking up all my time! sad
Thanks for the advice guys.