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Question on the pull money graph:

in set_x_label_style(10, '#color', 5,288, '#color')
what does the 3rd (5,) argument do?  I have meesed with it and dont understand what it does.  Thanks.

Re: pullmonkey graph

It is the orientation of the label.
0 for Horizontal  (runs left to right) - … axis-2.php
1 for Vertical  (runs bottom to top) - … -2.php?o=1
2 for 45 degree angle  (runs at a 45 degree slant) - … -2.php?o=2

Give 0, 1 or 2 a shot and let me know.

Hope this helps.

Re: pullmonkey graph

Yes I tried 1,2,3 .... never 0 lol.  I really like the slanted label, it's got some sex appeal smile  however anything but 0 seems to mess up the corresponding vertical line that runs through the graph.  For example I try 1 and the coressponding line does not draw out for every x label point.  So I have mon tue wed thurs fri sat sun.   I get a line for Mon and tues.  No line for wed.  Line for thurs and fri.  no line for sun. When I use 0 I get all the vertical lines.  Its not a big deal but would be nice to have.  Other than that this graph tool rocks!!!! 

In case someone might be curious,  I am buidling graph that mimics MRTGs graph to monitor networking equipment.  Bout %90 complete.

Re: pullmonkey graph

actually I am wrong.  It has nothing to do with the label style.  I ran the report again and got the same issue with 0.  I think it has to do with the amount of data points i am pumping to the graph.  Sorry for the confusion.  I guess back to work sad