Topic: Capistrano problem: symbolic link to "current" the call to reaper

I have a fresh Capistrano installation which seems to work, except that the restarting of the server via script/process/reaper does not.
I can restart dispatch.fcgi by starting script/process/reaper manually.

If I try to use rake remote:restart, there is an error message like
Couldn't find any process matching: /home/<myName>/<myApp>/current/public/dispatch.fcgi

If I run reaper manually it says:
Restarting [21453] /usr/bin/ruby /home/<myName>/<myApp>/releases/20061116132946/public/dispatch.fcgi

current is symbolic link to releases/20061116132946, but obviously Capistrano lacks the knowledge about it. How can I tell Capistrano about the identity or otherwise restart the server with a workaround?

Thank you for any hints.

=== Update: solution found ===
The solution is to insert "readlink current" in the path to reaper, which resolves the symbolic link to its true path. My restart task now reads:

task :restart, :roles => :app do
  send(run_method, "`readlink #{current_path}`/script/process/reaper")

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