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I Love Ruby on Rails so far and I am only starting with the basics but one thing which is going to sound stupid is I can't get my head around deploying it on a shared hosting provider.

To make it simple let's say I just have a plain RoR hello world which I wanna test on the web itself using my web host

I have contacted them and they say that they support RoR but havn't been any help in explaining how to get it running. Detail would be extremely good as I would love to understand and start playing around with real world apps not just apps local on my laptop.

Thank you for the time and sorry for what is possibly an extremely basic question. ps. Hi I'm new lol

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I dont know and I think some of it depends on how they have installed RoR. this is how text drive do it on there servers … &id=71

I'm new also and I had someproblems with this as well. setting up your rails app to the host is not as straight forward as you would have hoped. I've used Textdrive which recomends and had very similar problems then I swiched to segpub which they were kind enough to do it for me, which has the disavantage of not knowing how it was done.


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Agreed - it is very dependent on how the host has RoR installed.

Which host are you using?  Perhaps we could point you in the direction of install guides etc.

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I've tried running things on textdrive, and while I've had a few good experiences and their support is quite good. The difficulty of setting up a ROR server is enormous. You have to be very thorough and very patience and very careful. Once you've got it working then everything it great and their servers do tick along nicely but its hard to get there.

It's worth checking out the new Gridserver offering from Mediatemple

I've been using it since it launched and it really does kick. The ROR is still not brilliant but it's a lot better than it was with textdrive.

Setting up on either service is made more difficult if you have no experience of setting things up using Linux. I'm basically a Windows person so there's been a lot of new things to learn.

Good luck

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yeah I've been looking at the media temple's ror thing. the whole grid server idea looks quite good.


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I just took out an account last week for my PHP stuff with the look of learning RoR and using their container system for deploying my learning. I am still trying to get RoR/MySQL set up locally so not best person to ask

I will say that the Gridserver is good value for money as a hosting solution, easy to set up multiple sites/domains/email addresses and good knowledgebase system to ge you going.