Topic: [ANN] The Book Of Ruby - free eBook

As some of you may know, a couple of years ago, I wrote a free Ruby eBook called The Little Book Of Ruby. This has been downloaded many tens of thousands of times in English and an unknown number of times in translation. The Little Book Of Ruby is a short (10 chapter, 87 page) eBook that covers the fundamentals of Ruby programming

The Little Book now has a big brother called simply The Book Of Ruby. This will eventually run to over 400 pages in 20 chapters and it goes into considerable depth - covering both the well-known and the not so-well-known features of the Ruby language. The Book Of Ruby will be published online one chapter at a time in PDF format. Each chapter will come with lots of ready-to-run sample programs.

The first chapter went online today. The remaining 19 chapters will be put online over the next few months. Oh, it’s free, by the way ;-)

Download chapter One (and sample code):

Also, The Little Book Of Ruby:

More info: … e-in-depth

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