Topic: YAML Serialization from ActiveRecord?

Is this an efficient way to store a catalog (a permanent list of items that other more short-lived models will access from time to time)?


Re: YAML Serialization from ActiveRecord?

I've done this in PHP and found it to be a pain. I am currently doing something similar in rails. Your question is very open. I think you need to ask yourself how often it will be accessed and will data need to be changed frequently. But really you have to decide wether there are any advantages to doing it this way and not just plunking it all into a table.

for instance I'm doing a gaming match app. where users can sign up for games. and I'm putting all the users who signed up for a match into an array, and putting it in the db, instead of refering user_id's to a rosta table, because when users leave, and I want the db to be cleaned out of non active accounts you can still see who played what match. so there is an advantage for me in this instance, so its efficiant.

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Re: YAML Serialization from ActiveRecord?

In my case, it's going to be a table of possible skills a player can have, and a player either will or won't have the skill. The table will never change, except maybe during beta. I was just wondering if this is something that is -never- done, for some reason, before I commit to it. Thanks for your help.