Topic: Using SVN & Setting Personal (one-machine) Development Environment

Question is about SVN - how do I get a hang of it? I read the book "building scalable websites" by Carl Henderson (of Flickr fame)and he talks about how it is absolutely must for even a single developer to use SVN. I kind of see the benefits. But I just don't know how to use it properly.

I am a newbie to the world of development. I have developed few Java projects, some HTML/PHP code (mainly reading the tutorials) and now I feel ready to start working on a little complex website project. It will have a backend database too.

How to use svn (say, torotoiseSVN) for personal project? I installed torotiseSVN, right clicked on a directory and made it my repository directory. But I still don

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Re: Using SVN & Setting Personal (one-machine) Development Environment

I'm not used to TortoiseSVN, as I develop under linux and OSX and use the command line for svn, so I'm not sure if Tsvn automaticallyu adds files to a repository for you or not.

The general flow is that when you add a file and want it added to the project you run 'svn add path/to/file'
When you are ready to commit it to everyone else (or in this case to the actual repository) you run 'svn commit'
To update your local copy from the repository you run 'svn update'

At work I use it to collaborate on projects between coworkers, at home I use it for easy php and rails deployment. I never modify files on the server, always locally, then just run "svn update" on the server, and now the servers files are identical to those on my local machine.  It keeps track of what has changed, what has been added to the repository so you dont need to copy every single file or worry about copying over files you meant to delete.. I can't imagine going back to not using it.

Re: Using SVN & Setting Personal (one-machine) Development Environment

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I understand the overall working (macro view) of svn but I don't understand the nitty-gritties of it. So, I install svn on my laptop (Windows XP) and make one of the folder a "repository". Now, what's next? Do I just create my code files (say, helloworld.php) and check-out that file everytime I want to edit it, and then check-in once I am done.