Topic: Idea for website

I have an idea for a website but not sure if there would be any use for it. How would I figure out if my idea would be worthwhile before actually building it?

Should I contact potential clients and ask them if its something they would use? Also, I dont want it to be stolen in the process of finding out if its viable.

Any help would be great smile

Re: Idea for website

Usually the best way is to actually build it. Certainly not the whole thing, but enough of the key functionality to make it work.

Its often hard to get you head around an idea without having at least a partial sample to play with.

Re: Idea for website

i do have a prototype going, but i didnt want to get too far into it if there isnt a market for it.

Re: Idea for website

There won't be a market for it if you can't show it to customers.