Topic: How to embed video in your website

How to embed flash video in your website

You have blog, but maybe bored with only posting script on them; you want your blog have video like Youtube or you can stream your own DV; Ok, this article will give you a detail instruction.
You know Youtube streaming videos are flash video, that is because flash video (flv) is the best format to stream on web.

So how hard is it to put Flash video on your own website? Well, it takes some effort - and it also consumes bandwidth on your site.
If you're looking for a quick fix for your personal "free" site, and you can't afford to pay for the bandwidth charges video can rack up, you should consider one of the free video hosting services. These services take care and host your video for you... but they do it in a way that promotes their company. If that doesn't bother you, check out YouTube, Google Video and StreamLoad. These are great services and I recommend them to beginners.
Now, the rest of this article will assume you want to do this yourself - because you don't want to promote another company on your website, because your video doesn't fit the guidelines and limits of the free services, or because you just don't want to look like an amateur.
So how do we create Flash video and put it on our website without spending hundreds of dollars? The following tutorial shows how to do it. first assumes you have Windows XP and are using Windows Movie Maker plus other third part application.
Similar techniques can be used with other operating systems and software. Linux users will most likely use FFMPEG directly. See the encoding HOWTO on the FlowPlayer site for more information. MacOS X users can also go the ffmpeg route after exporting to "DV quality" from iMovie. Or they can spend the money for Adobe/Macromedia's Flash Studio 9 software.

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