Topic: Organise your thoughts?

So as of todayh I have a big thing to do at work (which in all fairness I couldn't give two hoops about), its not using RoR and its dull as dishwater.  But I have 3 of my own RoR projexcts that I want to do and have trouble not only sticking to one thing but actually finishing any one of them.

On top of that a friend of mine has asked me to do a site for her *sigh*.

How do you all organise your thoughts and try to keep yourself on the right track?  Ive just installed Trac on my dev box to try and get some kind of place where I can set myself milestones and actually do them.

If your interested in any of my (very unfinished) projects drop me a message or mail to code at catharsis dot co dot uk.  Im thinking of opening my trac and svn a little more to get some help.  Just wish I didn't work so much.

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