Topic: Newbie question: #rubyonrails IRC Channel

Hey I am fairly new to rails and extremely new to IRC.  Can anyone help me to connect the official IRC channel.  I am using Colloquy.  I can get onto all other channels fine but #rubyonrails keeps telling me to register with nickserv.  When is follow the help instructions i keep being told that I already am registered.

I am probably missing something extremely simple here.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated, I have tried searching for help and I am still banging my head up against the same brick wall.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Newbie question: #rubyonrails IRC Channel

Just a quick update to say I sorted this myself.  Just created a new nickname and this time got the confirmation email that allowed me to proceed, this didn't happen the first attempt.  I wasn't being quite a stupid as I had thought I was.