Topic: form_remote_tag not working in one place?

I've been working with ROR a with a little more success for the last week, but today I've run into something that is suddenly not working, and I can't figure it out.

It's a simple, simple function -- I've got a work-alike elsewhere on the site.

# view:
<%= form_remote_tag(    :url=>{:action=>:addmisspelling},
Add misspellings separated by commas.<br/>
<%= text_field 'tagmisspelling', 'misspellings'  %>
<%= hidden_field 'tagmisspelling', 'tag_id', :value=> %><br/>
<%= submit_tag "Add Misspellings" %>
<%= end_form_tag -%>

  def addmisspelling
    @scrubbedArr = params[:tagmisspelling][:misspellings].split(", ")
    @scrubbedArr.each do |tag|
      saveTag = Tagmisspelling.create(:name=>tag, :tag_id=>params[:tagmisspelling][:tag_id])
    @tagmisspellings = Tagmisspelling.find(:all, :order=>:id, :conditions=>['tag_id = ?', params[:tagmisspelling][:tag_id]])
    @tag = Tag.find(params[:tagmisspelling][:tag_id])
    render :partial=>'shared/tagmisspelling', :collection=>@tagmisspellings

There's a div on the page, ID'd as "tmspcont". The form should post and then update the div with the new list of misspellings. I've even got this working elsewhere in a different form and have gotten a number of AJAX forms working just fine.

This one however acts like I've requested a new page and displays JUST the partial, instead of updating the div in question.

At this point, I'm figuring there's either a gotcha I'm unaware of, or a typo that I'm blind to.

Can anyone offer any thoughts? I'm kind of stumped, and I've even copied/pasted working samples of code from elsewhere.

Re: form_remote_tag not working in one place?


It helps to include the required Javascript files in the template.