Topic: Facing dilemma with time system!

Hi all. I reckon this will probably be quite of a challenge to most of you!

Alright... Say you have a web form. On just about 3 pages. Each with it's own, unique parameters. Upon submitting the form on page #1, it will redirect to a page stating: "you must wait 3min"... After exactly 3min, regardless of whether you are on that same page, only THEN will it save the submitted data of 3mins ago, to the database. So the minutes will sort of run in the background.. It would also save the data to the database regardless of whether the user would log out in the meanwhile, so I would think no sessions?? And in the meanwhile the user can visit the 'progress' page and see how many minutes/seconds are left, or even go to page #2, submit and wait for example 5min for the data to be saved away, next to the other 3min from page #1..

I was thinking somewhere along the lines of, upon submitting, it would save the data to a bogus table, ie. progress_data, along with start_time and duration.. and then do some calculation with, start_time and duration to see if it's finished or not...and then when finished it would take the info from progress_data and save it into users_data for example.. Not too sure whether I'm on the right track, and absolutely have no idea where to start with this?! Pretty complex.

I would be heavenly grateful to the person helping out!

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Re: Facing dilemma with time system!