Topic: Lot's of Spam lately

I'm noticing a ton of spam starting to show up on the forums. Is someone moderating this? This is a good forum, and I would hate for it to get so littered that it starts to turn people away.


Re: Lot's of Spam lately

We try to moderate it as good and fast as we can. And it'S not always like this, the spam comes and goes in waves for a while now...

Unfortunately our current forum software is not the best protected against spam, we are looking into alternatives, but it's a matter of finding time to move alle the stuff to a new board software ...

Re: Lot's of Spam lately

Yep.  Our biggest hurdle in moving to vBulletin is getting ImpEx to play nice in importing PunBB passwords -- and finding the time to get that done.

In the mean time, any time you see spam, if you hit the report link (bottom right hand corner of the post) it will help us find it faster and remove it. smile

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Re: Lot's of Spam lately

Will do.

Thank you.